MohammadHashimKamaliCURRICULUM VITAE

Mohammad Hashim Kamali, B. A., Law & Political Science, Kabul University, 1965

LLM., Comparative Law, University of London, 1972, Ph.D., University of London. 1976

Current Position: Founding CEO, International Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies (IAIS) Malaysia.

Date and Place of Birth: 7 February 1944, Lalpur, Nangarhar, Afghanistan.

Nationality: Afghan and Canadian, Permanent Resident of Malaysia as of 3 April 2003

Marital Status: Married - have two children born in 1976 and 1979 respectively


  • Assistant Professor, Kabul University, Faculty of Law and Political Science 1965-66pen paper
  • Public Attorney, Cassation Court Division, Ministry of Justice, Kabul 1966-67
  • Director of Public Prosecution, Faryab, Afghanistan 1967-68
  • Language Monitor (Persian, Pashto & Dari), British Broadcasting Corporation, Reading, England 1975-80
  • Chief Language Monitor, British Broadcasting Corporation, Reading, England May-Sep 1980
  • Assistant Professor, McGill University, Institute of Islamic Studies, Montreal, Canada 1980-84
  • Research Associate, Social Sciences and Humanities, Research Council of Canada 1984-85
  • Lecturer, International Islamic University Malaysia June 1985-Feb. 1986
  • Professor Associate International Islamic University Malaysia Feb. 1986
  • Professor International Islamic University Malaysia 1991-2006
  • Promotion to Professor in Special Grade A, International Islamic University Malaysia Jun 2000-Aug 2007
  • Visiting Professor Capital University, Law & Graduate Center, Columbus, Ohio, USA May-Jul 1991
  • Shariah Advisor Securities Commission Malaysia 2004 - todate
  • Gerd Bucerius-Fellow der Zeit-Stiftung, Institute for Advance Study Berlin (Wissenschaftskolleg Zu Berlin) 2000-2001
  • Constitution Commissioner, Member of the Constitution Review Commission of Afghanistan, and member of its Executive Board May-Sep 2003
  • Interim Chairman Constitution Review Commission of Afghanistan Jul-Aug 2003
  • Professor & Dean International Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization (ISTAC), IIUM Jul 2004-Jun 2006
  • Founding Chairman and CEO International Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies, Malaysia Sep 07 - todate
  • Chairman, CIMB Shariah Committee 2007 - todate
  • Senior Fellow, Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS) Malaysia Sep 07 - todate
  • Senior Fellow, Aal al-Bayt Royal Institute of Islamic Thought 2005 - todate
  • Chairman, Shariah Board, Stanlib Corporation, South Africa 2007 – todate
  • Senior Fellow, Afghanistan Academy of Sciences Aug 08 - todate
  • Editor-in-chief, Islam and Civilisational Renewal, IAIS Malaysia Oct 2008 – todate
  • Non-Executive Director, CIMB Islamic Bank Bhd 2008 – todate
  • Senior Fellow International Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies (IAIS) Malaysia 2010


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