Islam and Diplomacy: The Quest for Human Security

Islam and Diplomacy provides a wide-ranging discourse on the relevance of Islam to global well-being and human security from legal, spiritual, moral and historical perspectives. As prevailing realities in the Middle East and many other parts of the world amply demonstrate, the tools of modern secular diplomacy are not always adequate to address violent sectarian or religious clashes and social tensions, nor to suggest long-term workable solutions for them. This book expounds the largely untapped potential of a faith-based diplomacy and suggests integrating religious norms as an added impetus to conventional diplomacy for the benefit of global peace and harmony. It also demonstrates that Islam possess a rich tradition of legal, spiritual and ethical values prioritizing peace and human security. Islamic heritage is also sufficiently nuanced to offer flexible paradigms for addressing problems of communal identity that may well be beyond the reach of traditional diplomacy, such as ethnic conflict, tribal warfare, and religious hostilities.

Editors: Prof. Mohammad Hashim Kamali, Dr. Karim Douglas Crow & Dr. Elmira Akhmetova.

Publishers: IAIS Malaysia & Pelanduk
ISBN: 978-967-978-990-4

Pages: 277 pages

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