Thursday, 10 July 2008 13:16

References to Islam and Women in the Afghan Constitution

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This paper is presented in three parts and several sections. The first part consists of a stock-taking of recent developments and dynamics that have engaged President Hamid Karzai's governemnt ever since he came to power in December 2001. A mixed picture is presented which draws attention to many problems that have impeded reconstruction efforts in the country. Some positive developments have also occured including, for example, the introduction of a new constitution, presidential and parliamentary elections, as well as resumption of schooling for children that by mid-2006 had numbered four million throughout the country. An overview of the previous constitutions and a brief historical perspectives attempt to show how leadership flaws and internal differences in the royal household plunged Afghanistan into a succession of coups, foreign invasions, and catastrophic consequences for its people. Are there any lesson to be learnt? The second part of this essay focusses on a review and analysis of the 2004 constitutions with special reference to Islam, and the last part takes a similar approach to women's rights......... Download the full article in pdf attachment (below)


Mohammad Hashim Kamali. "References to Islam and Women in the Afghan Constitution." Arab Law Quarterly 22 (2008):270-306

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