Wednesday, 30 December 1998 12:51

Punishment in Islamic Law: A Critique of the Hudud Bill of Kelantan, Malaysia

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This article is presented in five parts. The first part highlights the provisions of the Bill concerning the six hudud offences that will be the focus of our discussion throughout the article. Part two is basically a statement of the problem and it is concerned mainly with the specifics as to where and how could the Hudud Bill be amended and improved. The next part presents a perspective concerning the understanding of hudud in the Quran and related development in fiqh. Part four enquires into the evidence concerning the punishment of stoning (rajm) for zina and underlines the issues which have given rise to differences among the madhahibs. The last part of the article surveys recent views and contributions of Muslims scholars on the implementation of hudud in contemporary Muslim societies.............. Download the full article in pdf attachment (below)

Arab Law Quarterly (1998), pp 203-234.

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